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Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Golfer Tour?


Australia’s fastest growing amateur golf series brought to you by the Golf Network. Multiple state event series where players of all levels and gender can compete at the highest level or just relax with a more social round with friends all aiming to win a spot in the National Final.

Who can play?


Any golfer! Two divisions with separate prize pools will be present at each event for those with and without an official handicap.

Do I need a Handicap to play?


No we have 2 divisions at each event one for non Golflink holders and one for Golflink holders. As a non handicapper you are not eligible for the Championship Final or major prize.

What is the Order of Merit?


Golfers with an active Golflink number and playing in Division 1 (Golflink holders only) gain points at each event going towards the Order Of Merit.

How do I see the Order of Merit?


Please click the link to view the Order of Merit table for each State.

How is a team's daily handicap calculated?


Team members’ GA Handicaps are adjusted as per the Slope Rating of the tees being played from at the Local Event to determine their Daily Handicaps. The aggregate Daily Handicap is divided by 4 to determine the teams Daily Handicap.

What is a Golfer Tour Event / Golfer Classic?


1-day, 18-hole tournament. Players do not need to qualify, as they are open to everyone. Two Ball Ambrose format.

What is a Golfer Championship?


A Multi day tournament. Players do not need to qualify as they are open to everyone. Two Ball Ambrose event format. Players will earn more order of merit points than a Golfer Classic.

How do you play 2 Ball Ambrose?


Groups of two players (2 man ambrose) work as a team. Each player hits off the tee, the best shot is selected and the other player picks up their ball and places it, within one handspan, alongside the best ball. Each person then hits a second shot from the same spot and continues the process until you hole out.

Is there an event directory?

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